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08 October 2008 @ 01:19 pm
Contact Info (Updated Frequently!)  
These have been posted in the order submitted and I will continue to add to the bottom of the list as I receive more. Please keep in touch with each other concerning all missions and GAME/TSU matters both with these and with www.toysoldiersunite.com

Oddex Arcadia -

XboxLive gamer tag: ToySoldierOddex
Yahoo : oddexarcadia
gmail : oddexarcadia@gmail.com
MySpace : www.myspace.com/oddex

Lt. Danny D-Ranged -
XBL Gamertag = Fires Shadow 85
GAX s/n = www.gaxonline.com/profile/firesshadow
AIM s/n = Boba Phat 42
Myspace = www.myspace.com/dan1985
Livejournal = http://firesshadow.livejournal.com/
Steam = firesshadow

Capt. Jack -
Steam: Agent01101
World of warcraft: Uldum server: Krackajack and Tyrinade
Xbox Live: Agent01101
Aim: Agent01101 and Captainjackv3yj

Paradox -
AIM: TSParadox
YIM: Sir_Spam_Kos
Second Life: Faae Athens
Email toy.soldier.paradox(at)gmail(dot)com

Ven -
Myspace- www.myspace.com/digitalking
Aim- DreamsdeferredCT
Gaia- Scrapz
Wow- Server-Icecrown, Name-Odir, Sabena, Getto
XFire- Bebop24trigun
Steam- Bebop24trigun
Battle.net- Scrapz

Donut -
AIM: SkyCaptainDonut
Xbox Live: SkyCaptainDonut

Zolgar -
AIM: Yverthel
YIM/email: Yverthel@yahoo.com (ya'll are paranoid, by the way, I get like .. maybe 5 spam a day Razz)
Steam: Yverthel
City of Heroes/Villains Global ID: Zolgar. Primary server: Virtue.

E.V. -
XBL Gamertag: Drunken Zelda
Playstation 3 Online s/n: E.V. Kitten
MapleStory: DrunkenZelda Level 33 Thief, World: Khaini.
AIM s/n: Miss EV Kitten
Myspace: www.myspace.com/zimgirl
Livejournal: http://evethedemoness.livejournal.com/
E-Mail: Zimgirl(at)Tmail(dot)com

Dark Transparent -
Xbox live id: DarkTransparent
Warhammer 40k: Tau

Melanie -
AIM: MelanieB1001
ICQ: 2242372
GTalk: Melanie1001
WoW - Draenor server - Toons: Kairinnia, Alauline, Daouda, Bia, Kahina (those are the 70s, I have others)
One, Alauline, is going to be transferring soon to Demon Soul, a PVP server. Rest will stay on Draenor.
Steam ID - Kairinnia

McColeman -
Steam ID: twtmc
MSN: nerdcoreforlife@hotmail.com

Davis -
Steam ID: DavisJ3608
Gmail Account: DavisJ3608

Geoff Nicholson -
AIM s/n: demonsthenes@meme-complex.com
MSN s/n: demonsthenes@meme-complex.com
E-Mail: demonsthenes@meme-complex.com
Website: www.meme-complex.com/~demonsthenes
Myspace: www.myspace.com/ts_geoff

nog3 -
Steam s/n: p0m
AIM s/n: BuildthePropBots
MSN s/n: p0m@p0m.net
E-Mail: p0m@p0m.net
Website: www.nog3.net

Magic Man -
AIM: Krogg and Mohawk
YM: Krogg_and_Mohawk
Current Location: Work still...
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Planet X Marks The Spot by Doctor Steel
toyscout_lyssa on October 11th, 2008 07:08 am (UTC)
Saying 'hi'
Jello, just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone. Excuse my LJ please- had to create an account and still not done setting it up.

I also wanted to give some contact info, in case there's ever a Con or something in Pitt:

E-Mail: santas.girl.lyssa@gmail.com
GaiaOnline, Asda Story, DragonFable: santas_girl_lyssa
Gaia Beta Test: santas_girl_lyssa_beta
(which is a lot of underscores...)
IM: missjoines@yahoo.com (No AIM yet.)
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/santas_girl_lyssa

See a username themed redundancy there? lol!

Uhm, that's it, I haven't paroosed the journal yet, so I shall do so now, but if anyone needs any help with graphics or ideas or what not, please let me know.

My time is a bit constricted, we're hosting a Nerf War on Nov. 1st, so I'm busy getting things together. (We're making alien targets! hahahaha!)

Oh and according to my latest e-mail spam, I just won a ton of money -- not by switching my car insurance, no. Apparently I was in the UK and it wasn't a dream. And apparently I bought a lottery ticket.

Who knew?