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World Domination... One Gamer at a time!

Dr. Steel's Gamers Association for Marvolous Enter
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A community of Toy Soldiers, Scouts and Nurses dedicated to Gaming in the name of Dr. Steel!
This is a temporary bio, a better one will be supplied in due time...

This is the Special Operations Division GAME. GAME stands for Gamers Association for Marvelous Entertainment and that is exactly what we are about. Gaming of all sorts is the trade we ply in order to spread the good Doctor’s word and recruit more Toy Soldiers. From video games to card games to table tops to miniatures to outdoor games and sports and beyond… we play everything! By definition a game is merely a collection of rules organized for competition or enjoyment. That means that you can make anything a game! This all said there are two very simple goals of GAME.

1. Play games for the enjoyment of yourself and others. - This goal encompasses everything between fair play so that all may have fun to making sure you have fun with games in your everyday life.
2. Spread the word of Doctor Steel through games! - Relating fun and games with our future world emperor is very effective in recruiting soldiers, after all Dr. Steel’s world initiative is fun!

Within GAME there are two types of members, both are voluntary, Players and Game Masters. Players are just that, members who play all sorts of games and use them to move Dr. Steel’s goals forward. This can be from merely playing games in uniform to creating custom content for games or making up entirely new games with Dr. Steel and perhaps others as the main theme. The second is Game Masters. These members of GAME are dedicated to organizing the fun, from helping set up a clan on the latest video game to organizing games of Four Square as part of a Tactical Playtime Training Days and everything in between!

So if you have skills in game playing, game making, game organizing, game gaming or just wish to have fun with a ton of gamers dedicated to Dr. Steel then welcome!